AforA Auction

In no particular order – here are some of the up and coming pieces in the auction keep an eye on the FB page where the bidding takes place. Each piece will be up for 1 week (Monday 9.30 a.m GMT time to Sunday 12.00 p.m GMT time time converter here if you are overseas. Dates of Auction on each piece to be confirmed.

The winning bid will be messaged on FB and we will exchange details of payment and delivery.
• The bidding takes place on a ONLY ON THE FB page here.
• All bids to be left in the comments section under the artwork up for auction on the day. No other comments – just your bid amount.
• If you do not have FB then you can ask a friend or colleague to bid on your behalf.
• The final and highest bidder will be contacted via FB or alternatively once the bidding is marked CLOSED the highest bidder can contact me on to get details of payment and also give me postal details.
• Once your payment has gone through the artwork will be sent to you.
• You can find more detailed auction guidelines here
Thank you for all your support – it means a lot to us here at AforA

*Donating artists are responsible for getting their item to the buyer (and for paying postage and packaging).

* PLEASE READ: WE CANNOT be held responsible for any problems following any transactions. This would be between YOU and the ARTIST/BUYER. We simply act as a conduit and a facilitator to raise money for these two charities. Thank you.

Just Giving Page – Once you make a payment please leave a comment on the Just Giving page with your ‘artists name’ as reference.
Art Refuge UK – here – providing people with therapy through art to help them process the trauma they have experienced.
Human Relief Foundation – here – providing aid, much needed supplies, shelter, food and clothing. For those who have lost everything.

Iain Call of Muse Iain Shadowline Ralph Steadman George Timmy Pylon                            AforAa2sold AC AforA IC sold 7 AforA GHL sold 4 AforAa1 GHL sold AforA RS Virginia SoldAforA JC sold 11 AforA JK Metamorphosis sold AforA RS Oscar sold AforA PB sold 9 AforA AM 18 sold AforA SH sold 10 AforA LN 15 sold AforA GHL sold 5 AforA GHL 14 copy AforAa2 LC - tiger SOLD AforA a KG - HOME sold


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