AforA Art Sale

ART SALE _ OPEN until DEC 1st 2015 – here

Welcome to our AforA Art Sale – each piece is marked with it’s sale price.

  1. The pieces are all sold on our FB page in the Album Art Sale – HERE
  2. To purchase simply comment SOLD under each picture
  3. First SOLD comment purchases the piece. So, once it’s SOLD – it’s gone!
  4. Once you have commented SOLD – please pay your money into one of our charities on our Just Giving Page
    Art Refuge UK – here – providing people with therapy through art to help them process the trauma they have experienced.
    Human Relief Foundation – here – providing aid, much needed supplies, shelter, food and clothing. For those who have lost everything.
  5. In the comments section on Just Giving leave a comment “A Sale”
  6. Email me on with the Subject as “Art Sale SOLD” to let me know which piece you have paid for and I will forward you the artist’s email address to arrange for delivery of your artwork. Please pay the artist the postage if it is marked on the piece that postage is extra.
  7. Oh! Don’t forget to click Gift Aid if you are a UK Tax payer – it adds to your donation without any cost to you! That’s it – Easy eh?! Then once you have paid – just wait for your artwork to arrive – YAY!

*Donating artists are responsible for getting their item to the buyer (and for paying postage and packaging).

* PLEASE READ: WE CANNOT be held responsible for any problems following any transactions. This would be between YOU and the ARTIST/BUYER. We simply act as a conduit and a facilitator to raise money for these two charities.

Thank you – your support means so much to us at AforA – we can’t do this without you.

Sale Art portrait-1 Sale Art portrait-2 Sale Art portrait-3 Sale Art portrait-4 Sale Art portrait-5 Sale Art portrait-6 Sale Art portrait-7 Sale Art portrait-8 Sale Art portrait-9 Sale Art portrait-10 Sale Art portrait-11 Sale Art portrait-12 Sale Art portrait-13


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