* M E L O N S *

I wanted to share some happy news with you all today, as some thing you may not know is that as well holding down a full time job and trying to raise as much as we can in funds and awareness for the refugee crisis unfolding in Europe, I also try and find more immediate ways to help the people in the camps in Calais. Over the last few months I have connected and followed the amazing work that is happening on the ground – all undertaken by volunteers! It has inspired me to keep looking for other ways to help.

As a result of being connected to some wonderful, kind, generous, compassionate people, a shipment of 22 tons of watermelon arrived in Calais today! The amazingly generous fruit company Agricola Famosa originally based in Brazil, but also with offices in the UK – donated the fresh fruit and organised the shipment all as a donation – totalling an approximate £9,800! WOW!

Agriola Famosa list their values as Integrity * Respect * Opportunity * Responsibility. They continue to live up to all those values and inspire others as the donations of the melons arrived in Calais today.

© John Sloan – volunteer warehouse manager – Calais
© John Sloan – volunteer warehouse manager – Calais
© John Sloan – volunteer warehouse manager – Calais

Carlo Porro, Managing Director, Agricola Famosa.10339757_10205031583693244_6757415355711857154_n

“At Agricola Famosa we follow our slogan to the heart “Fruits for a better life” and in the same way that we bring hope and opportunities to the poorest regions in Brazil, we hope, with this donation, to bring some much needed joy, to the families and children suffering in Calais.”

Sue Bhudia, UK Commercial Manager, Agricola Famosa

“It has been an eye opener to see the amount of families and children in real need of a lifeline. To see a much needed smile on a child’s face with a simple watermelon donation it’s really humbling and heart warming.

We hope to raise awareness within our industry and put a positive spin on what has been so far a warzone for the fresh produce industry.

We truly hope that this will be the first of many much needed donations to come in the future from within our industry“

With this amazing donation of approx 14,000 melons it means that many men, women and children are receiving fresh fruit, roughly working out at 2 melons per person! Some thing the refugee’s have not had in months.

John S, the volunteer warehouse manager co-ordinated the shipment with Agricola Famosa in Calais and is currently distributing the fruit as I write this blog piece. He and his team of volunteers work tirelessly organising and distributing the donations.

Show your support where ever possible. This situation is not about to go away and as the winter approaches it is clear the outlook is bleak for the people living in the “Jungle”. Be inspired by the things that can be achieved when people work together. You may be tired of hearing about the refugees in Calais – but imagine what it must feel like to live there every day. Be the hope that someone needs. Buy some art, buy a raffle ticket. Contact others in your circle to reach out and help in other ways.

Let’s be the difference in someone else’s life.


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