Hello team AforA, I wanted to catch up with an update as it’s been about 8 weeks since this all started and we have achieved so much together.

What started off as a wee thought one Saturday afternoon after seeing the news reports – has now taken on a life of it’s own. The situation in Europe is unchanging – in fact as the winter draws in the living conditions worsen. More and more people are fleeing the war in Syria, in search of a safety for their families.

To date together we have raised on the just giving page the amazing sum of £4,511.19! So, well done team AforA – you are AMAZING!

We have helped Art Refuge UK raise £9,000 of their £10,000 goal – which means their pilot art therapy project can now continue into the winter months as they provide therapy to more and more men, women and children.

“Men continued to use the tent with many familiar faces from previous weeks. Several stayed for a few hours and the map was again used by those keen to share their journey in a way that was manageable and supported by several others bearing witness. In the tent today children made constructions using twigs from the bushes and sand literally dug up from the tent floor.

Extensive outreach across the camp is resulting in the positive development of a possible new collaboration with the Irish-built Women and Children’s tent. Our weekly group for women and children is due to take place there from next week alongside a Medecins du Monde nurse. This new space is fast becoming a safe place for women and children to receive clothes and advice, and find a social space and some respite away from the complexity of camp life.” – Art Refuge UK

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We have also raised over £1,600 for Path of Mercy – Human Relief Foundation as they continue their work across Europe providing food, aid, shelter for the refugee’s. The needs are increasing as do the number of people.

END DATE – December 1st 2015
We have done well team AforA – there are still many delightful pieces up for grabs in our Auctions, Affordable Art, Art Sales and raffles. The big news is that I have an end date for the fund raising – December 1st 2015. I wanted to mark my mums 4th anniversary of not being with us with a happy memory of how much we raised when we came together as one big family!

So, to wet your taste buds…

Auction pieces HERE
Iain Call of Muse Iain Shadowline Ralph Steadman George Timmy Pylon

We currently have two stunning Iain McCaig prints up for auction – here. They both open at a steal price of £100 and the auction closes on Sunday 1st Nov at 12 midnight UK time – converter here. There is an absolutely gorgeous Original piece by  the talented Timmy Tim still to come and to finish the fund-raising we end with one of our biggest supporters to date – the last of the Ralph Steadman Etchings up for grabs the November 23rd – 29th

Affordable Art HERE all pieces at £40
We have just added a few more new pieces to the album which will also close on December 1st 2015. Great place to grab yourself some beautiful pieces at amazingly affordable prices! I have quite a few in there – could it be the one you’d like to have hanging on your wall?

AforA Affordable art portrait-56 AforA Affordable art portrait-54 AforA Affordable art portrait-58 AforA Affordable art portrait-63 AforA Affordable art portrait-60 AforA Affordable art portrait-62 AforA Affordable art portrait-16 AforA Affordable art portrait-13AforA Affordable art portrait-42

Art Sale – coming week (on our FB page) of November 2nd 2015
All pieces are at incredible low prices! This album will also close on Dec 1st 2015. Works donated by Rob Ryan, Mikey Burton, Jon Gray, Allen Williams and more!
Sale Art portrait-11 Sale Art portrait-12 Sale Art portrait-4 Sale Art portrait-1 Sale Art portrait-2 Sale Art portrait-8

Raffle HERE
We will have another wee raffle. Each ticket is just £5! and you can win yourself this lovely set of personally signed books written by Robin Stevens and designed by me! The whole set so far!


Cake Sale
My eight year old daughter and her friends are holding a cake sale on the 6th November at her school – you could do yours the same day! I don’t know many offices where a cake sale is ignored! Come on all you bakers! You know I am talking to you! Drop me a line on artworksforaid@mail.com and I’ll blog your sale here!

Cake sale poster by Pip – aged 8

Piece by Daisy – aged 8

Junior Artist Sale
Many of our Junior artist have wanted to get involved, so I am trying to sort out a Junior Artist Sale. If your little ones would like to create a piece of art A4 (no bigger as it will cost you a lot to post) then please send me a JPEG on artworksforaid@mail.com (subject marked Junior Artist) no later than 16th November 2015 – of their piece once they have completed it and I’ll put it up in an album on the FB page. Each piece sold at £5! The Theme for the piece is open

That’s about it folks. So, you see plenty more to buy and help us really keep smashing those team targets and helping others help those who are in need. One random act of kindness – let’s keep going!


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