Artwork of Heart – by Daisy Skye – age 5

This is what keeps me going and gives hope that not only can we reach our fundraising target – but smash it! Thank you sweet Daisy Skye for your support and inspiration – you are an amazing artist!

Artwork of Heart
by Daisy Skye, Age 5

210mm x 281mm
Acrylic on 160gsm paper

This is what Daisy Skye says about her painting:

“I’m going to call my painting “Artwork of Heart“. I called my picture this because it’s beautiful to love.

“Red’s an important colour because it’s your heart and hearts are normally red and hearts are loving.

“The love hearts are to make people happy and if they have love hearts on it it’s more beautiful and will probably make more money to give to the people in Calais. And it will make even more because it has glitter on. The glitter is sparkly and is to make people happy.”

“I’d like the picture to go to Calais so they can put it up on their tent wall.

“I hope it makes loads and loads and loads of money for the people in Calais.”


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