C A K E S !


Yesterday morning I received a message from a lovely lady telling me she was trying to explain to her little daughter how our auction was working and who it was trying to help. Her little girl immediately wanted to help too. So, the message was asking if her daughter could submit a piece of artwork for the Affordable art say! Off course was my reply!

I told my daughter about the message that morning and she asked “Mummy, I wondered if I could do something for the charity auction too?’.

So, on the way to school we brain stormed other ideas, something she could do at school perhaps? Get more of her friends involved? Then we talked about things we could make and sell, badges, bookmarks, comics! Then it suddenly dawned on us…C A K E S ! Everyone loves cakes!

So, we are planning to hold a pop up cake sale at her school once we get permission from her head teacher. She is planning her posters, her letters to mummy’s and daddy’s asking for help… it’s lovely to she her so excited about helping others. She has a sense of purpose and It’s something we could all do. I realise that art may not be everyones cup of tea! So, what about having a cake sale in your office? At school, even in the front garden with the neighbours. Everyone can be involved – especially our children!

I thought I’d share the idea with you to see what you think. I’ll post more in a day or two with some more ideas and guidelines on the fund-raising and also stuff you can print out for your cake stalls.

Let’s raise this money and let our children be part of this too. Who’s in?


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