Donations Appeal

Hi Everyone,

I just want to take a few moments to thank you all so much! The effort that everybody is putting into this fundraising project has blown me away. We’ve reached artists I never dreamed of to come and join us the likes of Ralph Steadman, Rob Ryan, Jon Gray, Jamie Keenan, Iain McCaig and so many more. Also get publicity in Design Week, Digital Arts online and Causal Optimist all in under 3 weeks!

The Blog page shows me all the people we have reached around the globe with the united force that is AforA – we have become one massive team and I thank you for all your art contributions, tweeting, Instagam post’s and reaching out on behalf of ArtWorksForAid

Now, the real work begins, time to get this cash in the pot so we can help those people working tirelessly on the ground in Calais. We have all seen the news reports this last week. I watched it unfold on my FB feed from the people on the ground 24 hours before the media reported it. The truth it seems is that as many families slept in their tents as peacefully as is possible (under these conditions) at the police tore though the camps just outside of the main ‘Jungle’ camp (which now houses over 4000 people) and tear gassed men, women, children, elderly, disabled and the sick. The bulldozed through the camp and displaced the displaced, not allowing anyone to take any of their very little possessions. Family photographs of lost loved ones, passports and other personal things that cannot be replaced.

I need your help now more than ever. I am not going to lie to you – I took a chance to put this thing together and all along thinking ‘What if no one helps?’ ‘What if this all falls flat on it’s face and it’s over before it’s begun?’. I still think that every day and then someone donates art work and I am lifted! But now I need help to raise these funds that we are working so hard to get in. I really need the donations to start coming in – just the same way as the art. So, we can help Art Refuge UK and Human Relief Foundation to do the work on the ground. This could be anyone of us needing this help. But thankfully it’s not us, but we are in a position to help others – so please let me know this crazy project to help people just like you and me – that was dreamed up over a weekend of feeling completely helpless watching tragic news reports of children washed up on shores has not been something that fails now.

Please donate any amount you possibly can to our Just Giving page. You can choose the charity you would like to donate to on the team page. The art is selling but not all of you may want to bid on the FB page – but you can help with a small donation. I cannot tell you how grateful I already am, but let’s just go the last mile and make this happen.

‘if you build them, they will come’ – Field of dreams and my mantra every day

Thankful and Grateful

Nina Tara


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