Where is the auction and how can I bid?

There has been a bit of confusion as to how the auction is working. So, here is a brief outline – I hope it helps

• The auction takes place every weekday – Monday though to Friday.
• It commences at 9.30.am UK time Converter here and closes 24 hrs later at 9.30.a.m the following day.
• There is a new piece up every weekday. Some may require you to pay for postage and packing – the item will have that marked on the day – so please insure you check this.
• The bidding takes place on a ONLY ON THE FB page here.
• All bids to be left in the comments section under the artwork up for auction on the day. No other comments – just your bid amount.
• If you do not have FB then you can ask a friend or colleague to bid on your behalf.
• The final and highest bidder will be contacted via messenger to get details of payment (Just Giving page should be live in the next day or so) and also to get postal details.
• Once your payment has gone through the artwork will be sent to you.
• You can find more detailed auction guidelines here
Thank you for all your support – it means a lot to us here at AforA


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