We Need Your Art!

AWFA needs your ART


2 thoughts on “We Need Your Art!

  1. Hi Nina,
    What sort of work are you thinking of – designs or illustrations or books? Where will people be able to purchase?


    1. Hi James,
      Any thing you have. The contributors so far range broadly in the types of work they produce. If your book cover isn’t © to the publisher then that will be great. As long we don’t have problems with the publisher ; ) Although I think many of the designers I know are probably going to use the illustrations they have used on covers – those are your © so much easier. Or if you fancy doing a brand new piece that’s great too.
      I was asking for 5×7 inches piece before but a few artists have asked if they can donate a piece they have already done – which is great as I am hoping to have two separate sales now. One where every piece is priced the same (5×7 pieces) and another where pieces are priced separately.

      The image jpegs will go up on the blog and the blog linked to the FB page. The funds will go directly into a just giving or Go fund me account and from there we can pay to the smaller initiatives that are currently working on the front line. I am going to do a blog piece tonight to let everyone know more about them. One is linked to Human Relief Foundation and the other is Art Refuge. Both doing enormously good work in Calais.

      I hope that helps? Shout if you need any other information. Or would like to be added to the contributors list ; )



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