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We have all been moved by the plights of the refugee crisis currently unfolding in Europe. We have donated and we have signed the petitions. So, is it possible to continue taking positive action to help the people that have been displaced and are in need of urgent aid and supplies. YES!

As a result we creatives have decided to use our talents, expertise and art to raise these urgent funds though the sale of our artworks. With these funds we can purchase and distribute much needed items to those in the  camps they are calling the ‘Jungle’ in Calais. By reaching out and sharing with other smaller initiatives working tirelessly with the people on the frontline we can help to provide assistance and much needed aid.

Please help us reach our goal to raise these funds and join us in our online sale of original artworks and prints (coming soon) from artists all over the globe, (see the list of contributors so far) who have one common goal in mind – they want to make a difference in someone else’s life, no matter how small. A simple act of kindness for other people.

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People like these… just like you and me. People with families, jobs, lives, goals, hopes and dreams but now finding themselves displaced by war, far from home – where they truly want to be, but now many are without some members of their families. People who didn’t choose war – people who want to just live in peace and be seen as human…. just like you and I.  All images ©Antonio Olmos



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